World Of Warcraft

Today’s posting is World Of Warcraft. It’s a game usually called wow.

This game is a very unique game. The game was less popular than before, but when it went well, there were 12 million paid members all over the world. The waiting time was 40 minutes because the number of simultaneous users in Korea was beyond imagination.

This game also has a variety of expansion packs…
One of the most interesting expansion packs I’ve ever played is the fiery temple that needs to be rid of Iridan.
At the end of the day, we had to get out of the solar springs and eliminate the stronger, Kil-Zeden, but we were also very satisfied with catching Ilydan.

The next expansion is, “Rich King’s Wrath,” “The Great Barrier, Pandaria.”
And there’s the upcoming “Prince of the Drenor,” and there are a lot of people who applied for the Drenor’s monarch at the Patch Close Beta.
The days of the golden age will come again!

It’s different if it’s the way it is.
It’s 2:2 , 3:3 , 5:5 speculative field transfers, and if you’re within a certain top 5% of the server group, you’re given the title of gladiator. It’s a dream title for speculators.

Another attraction is the attack team mode, where you can talk to a variety of people, breathe with each other, catch the boss, match the items, and increase your connection.
In the early days, there were even 50 attackers, and when I started this game, 25 were the best. I think 25 people are the best right now.

Wow, like its immense popularity, it has a huge episode.
It’s the Hakkar contaminated blood case…
The explanation is the explanation of the game, so I’m sure anyone who knows it will know.
Simple theorem for those who don’t know!
The incident in which Hakkar’s Debuff has not been released, and he returns to town to infect the npcs and infects the minders, so they’re all infected and killed and called the plague case!
But the funny thing is… It’s just a game, and the CDC under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services asked Blizzard to provide the statistics of the time for reference in infectious disease research.
Anyways, this game is far behind LOL, but it’s great enough to say that it’s a piece of the MMORPG game world, and the game era is divided before and after wow, and it’s a huge game that has produced a lot of buzzwords.
Now that popularity has fallen a lot, I believe it will rise again someday.
Because I love Blizzard.

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