World of Warcraft Memories, PVP Video Editing

After enjoying the game lightly from the fog of Pandaria, he gave up the game in Drenor’s Warlords and returned to the last stage of the corps, but did little of the turbulent Azores.(Being the real-life child care level, not the character)
It is becoming the talk of the town again in classical style and is becoming interesting again personally.
The game began at the end of the burning temple, and at the end of the burning temple, he wore a full-length full-length full-length robe on the last day of the burning temple and began the very next day with a gruesome schedule in which King Richie’s anger began.
Reid enjoyed a lot of anger, but later, he lost interest in the game as he entered the fog of Drenor and buried my character with real-life creases leading to romance, marriage, childbirth and parenting combo.
(Wow, when you get a girlfriend, you fold it. Folks, I have a girlfriend when I fold it up.)
The nickname Komet has been written all along because he liked the “hyesung” feeling in German while looking for an ID that goes by the nickname of the loveliness that he had been using on WOW.
A total of four videos have been released to people while enjoying Wow.
Among them, the first installment of the Chhidromis is updated on Mr. Khithrom’s channel.
Of the total, two of the four films contained images of the other players.
1. Komet 1 : Warlock of the Fighters
I loved the King of Fighters so much that I got a motif from them.
The quality of the video was so terrible that the video quality fluctuated or the editing tools were changed from time to time because the video editing was not even known at the time.
Many people said that it was a novel idea.
It was awkward because there were more good reviews than I thought.(Are these people crazy?!!)

2. Komet 2 : To be Continued
It was only completed after dozens of attempts at rendering out of excessive image quality, and a few repeated scenes of failing after work due to errors.
(I wish I could have done better and brought more sauce in that time.)
Unlike the first film, I am sorry for the cliche concept, which is so ordinary and obvious.
Since then, the real-life Kriegs have made it difficult for them to make any more play videos.
To be Continued was also thought of the phrase “Game Over” in the King of Fighters, and it can be seen as a central expression of whether to continue on with himself.
Of course, I had a desire for the third installment, but I felt something that I couldn’t wake up every morning.

3. Kiidrom 1

I was just lounging around, and in a whisper, Mr. Khydrom found me and asked me to edit the video.
I was so absorbed in the sun effect at the time that I made editing that affected image quality seems to be the cause of the problem.
I was interested in video editing and playing games stylishly, so I was already aware of the images, so it was easy to edit them, but I was so anxious to edit them that I felt sorry for the camera dancing.
In particular, there were a lot of “excessive slow scenes,” which were strong in favor.
I have also received much criticism about camera dancing, and I sympathize with it.
(Sadly, in the second installment of Margiruler at the back, he was also seized. This is a chronic disease.)
Personally, I think it’s a user who would have been able to draw better if a better editor was in charge.
That is why the video is even more disappointing.
EE guild was a very favorable atmosphere, so it seemed to have been quite well received compared to the actual video.
I think the performance was the best in the edited video.

4. Magirula 2: Nothing But the Fire
Margiruler also contacted me first and made a play video with a request for work.
In terms of completeness, he paid more attention to the movie than the first one, but he is also sad to see the camera moving.
I remember that I was losing my understanding because I was getting away from the game, and I was having trouble with where to hang up. I was very nervous when I was working after work.
I think it was the best in terms of ability because the survival skills were so diverse that the battle was prolonged and many-to-one was too difficult.
There were many good fire wizards such as Lazark and Podo among guild members, but it was very disappointing that they didn’t lead to the video, and they were able to solve that regret in “Margirula 2,” which is less regrettable than the first film of the movie.
The videos that I did on request were “hobby” so I didn’t expect any price and didn’t actually receive them.
We worked together to make a video, but we didn’t know each other, and we didn’t keep a kite.
Literally indulged in pure ‘edition fun’.
If it was disappointing, the quality of the original video would not have been so clear.
It is impossible to do it again now,” he said. “Even if we do it again, we will have a few months to make it.”
World of Warcraft’s PVP video was rather hard to cut off and tie up with fatigue and connections due to the survival period that became too numerous after the Great Recession and the protracted battle.
Of course, able people are very good at that.
Now that the classical music is as good as it is, I think I’ll make another video if I can remake the “Fire of King Richie” in the future.


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