Shall we buy a heavenly horse by reputation of the World of Warcraft Classic?!

The World of Warcraft Classic has opened. In short, it’s called the Wow. For those of you who’ve worked for the original World of Warcraft, 60 percent of the speed of the World of Warcraft was called Baekgolma. At that time, it was also called Baekgolma because it was supposed to cost 100 gold. Cheongolma was called Cheongolma because it had to be bought for 1,000 gold at 60 Lep Manleb. In the early days of World of Warcraft, I didn’t have the skills to ride, and I rode if I could buy a horse to match the level of World of Warcraft. In fact, in the original World of Warcraft, 1,000 goals (1,000 gold) belonged to a lot of gold. Now, the World of Warcraft and the World of Warcraft Classic, which opened recently, have to do reputation work because it’s thought to be the same, so it’s probably because reputation has the same. World of Warcraft Classic, what is Cheongolma? The price is even lower if you work on a flat surface. Wow, World of Warcraft has a system called reputation work. In other words, you can get a discount on your reputation, so you can buy items and rides at an affordable price. So, why do you need a reputation? First of all, reputation can be earned at the World of Warcraft Worldview by performing quests for power and groups in the game, killing hostile monsters, and taking items with them. In some cases, one of the two plaques has to be chosen, so it’s a moment of caution for the user, because if you raise a reputation, you automatically lose the reputation of the adversary. The stage of reputation goes up in the order of a very hostile -> hostile -> a bit hostile -> a bit of a neutral -> a little friendly -> a very friendly -> a firm alliance. Please refer to it. (At the time of the Original, a solid alliance was over, but later increased.) At the core of reputation work, every step of reputation goes up from the neutral phase, the amount of money you have to pay to purchase goods or learn skills from your NPC is 5% cheaper, and up to 20% off, so it’s also very helpful to buy a sacral horse in reputation. As I said before, Cheongolma means that among the words that we could buy at the original level of 40 and 60 level, we were able to give each person a thousand gold after achieving 60 Lb. It is also very good for users who need a ride because they can buy 660 gold with a discount. Finally, please note that buying friendly words is possible from friendliness and purchasing hostile words is possible based on enemy reputation.

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