World of Warcraft: The Birth of a Horde

In 2016, there was a lot of content related to Warcraft. Warcraft live-action films were released, and the storyline, which headed to Andromeda with the expansion pack of Drenor’s Warlords, returned to Ajou via the army expansion pack. To commemorate that, the birth of the Horde, which deals with the story of the early Oak Horde, not the Horde, the union of Tauren, Blood Elves, Oak, Goblin and Trolls, which now exists in Aeroz. What’s really fortunate is that it was written by Christie’s Golden, not Richard Nark, who makes Warcraft’s setup a mess. The content of the novel itself is thought to have been published in the concept of correcting the story of Warcraft 1 and 2. Before, the concept of tribes or of orcs had not been properly held. At World of Warcraft or Warcraft 3, Orcs were not just a bad race, but rather a bloodthirsty tribe after being tricked by Kiljeden, the third-in-command of the burning army. In fact, the orc’s appearance at the birth of the Horde has been depicted as a gentle race, with shamanistic beliefs, worshipping the ancestral gods and not attacking other tribes. However, because of the Belen and the Kil-Zeden chasing the Drenai who escaped from Argus, they abandon sorcery and degrade to the blood of the devil, lose their skin color, go into blood hunger, slaughter the Drenai and invade the Azores. In World of Warcraft, orcs are considered to have committed more abuses than that, but they are believed to have been the Drenai and the Night Elves. In the case of Drenai, the ornore they settled in (the orcs only called the world) provided an opportunity for the Orc to degenerate, and in the case of Knight Elves, he was so infatuated with the Mana of the Spring of Eternity that he almost summoned Salas to Azores. Anyway, in the novel itself, Sral, the first chief of the Cenozoic Horde, is leading the way in retrospectively. He then occasionally mentions the story of Ogle Doomhammer, a close friend of his father and the story of Durotan, the chief of the Frostwolves tribe, and his mother Draka. And the story of Drechtar, who is still a sorcerer of the Frostwolves, continues. In the book’s overall review, it’s a stinking story. However, if you don’t know about Wow or Warcraft, it’s a good story to read. Recently I’m resting my wows, but I don’t think there’s anything more disgusting than the orc’s past laundry shown by Drenor’s warlords. Of course, I’m a Horde user (with the Oak Hunter, the Undead Black Wizard, the Taureen Knight, and the Blood Elves Saint Carrick), but it was a bit awkward to end up with a good guy through DeGun. Orcs on the storyline must have been good at first, but they were taken by Kiljeden, drank Mannoros’ blood, destroyed and slaughtered. Since then, I think people have chosen a tribe called Oaks because a remarkable man named Sral has led the Orcs out of the curse of blood (although it is the gromm healthcare……). More than 40 percent of the Horde’s population has been doing Blood Elves for lookdaughters since Bloody Elves joined the Horde (four out of five were once Blood Elves……) In any case, the book is still to be read.

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