World of Warcraft at the Battle of Roderon

Wow:Agrosse from the day of its launch (August 14, 2018) You can enjoy it for free for three days, so we recommend you access it now. Finally, the World of Warcraft (hereafter) fierce battle began. I think it is good news for wizards who have been waiting for expansion packs so far. The “War Crusade” also began with the start of the show, and I’d like to take a sneak peak at the play screen shots. The latest updates are various, but it is more accurate to check them on the sites that have been compiled. There are a number of typical updates, such as raising the top level and adding the heart of the aeroce. From the perspective of the Horde, each picture describes a simple story. When you start a quest from Saulpin, the great monarch, you enter the saturation of the war. Rescue the citizens with Saulpin. It’s an event with a spy in between, so you don’t get boring. After the rescue of the citizen, he meets Silvanas in the ruins of Roderon. Silvanas asks if citizens should evacuate. You can see the Alliance from afar. The Alliance forces should be eradicated in excess of a certain amount. Protect the Azureite War Machine. The player is tasked with repelling the enemy. Graymain and Anduin are attacking on the Azureite war machine. We take our enemies to their ease. Anguin Easily Escape After Destruction of Azureite War Machine Sylvanas decides to prepare for the plague. But Saulpins dry that way. Sylvanas is not the time to be sentimental, and we have to use certain methods for war. He eventually throws out the plague. Soldiers wearing gas masks also start spraying epidemics. Andoo-in surprised to see Silvanas killing his own troops. Silvanas resurrects dead soldiers to the undead and warms them. Players also wear gas masks and spray epidemics. Since the U.S. position of the plague is considerable, it is recommended to use the plague to kill the enemy. Move along Natanos to escape the surging enemy with Jenna. Spray the plague on the floor in advance and wait for the Alliance. The heads of the Alliance, including Anduin, Grameen and Jenna, will gather in their seats. fight against enemies, including the king Silvanas’ order to retreat. Silvanas, who break the barrel of plague at the rear of the troops and block the enemy’s advance. The missing Saulpin was outside while we fought inside. Honor is not important,” he slapped Saulpin on the cheek. In subsequent cuts, Silvanas retreated all but himself. Sitting alone on the throne of Roderon, waiting for the Alliance to greet Grameen, Andouin, Alreira and Jenna. Anduin gives Silvanas a choice to surrender or face death. But all this was a trap. Silvanas quickly escapes the castle and spreads the plague. As soon as you try to get out of the exit, you are blocked by the rubble of a collapsed building that falls from above. At a moment’s notice, through Jenna’s magic, she goes back to the ship she came on. Anduin and Silvanas look at each other between Roderon, who is being devastated by the plague. The battle of Rotheron ends. This is how the war between the two camps begins in an expansion pack.

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