Half a year since World of Warcraft

In early May, at the request of a friend, “Wow,” a game for the disabled first started after purchasing it on DVD at Famirimart.
I usually only played casual online games like Cartrider and Tetris, but this complex, broad-scale MMORPG was the first…
I learned a lot compared to starting alone in Handeok by learning for 5 hours in the PC room when I first started, but…However, it was never an easy game to play just a little ripen.
We started, we had a party, we had a party, we woke up the quest, and we grew up with a character, and we took a lot of bad words and…
It’s the beginning of the Great.Only then do we have a party with people and participate in dungeons.
So six and a half months later, I can run around with this dungeon.Ten of the highest-difficulties of the crusaders are just as likely to go.(Heads, 25, are hard for anyone, and are usually 25-man crusaders. They say they’re doing a little wacky.)
In recent years, the teme paring has been around for some time, so not only do daily quest (which can be done once a day) as in the early days of the day, but also more and more parties with people. And I’m learning the first dungeon.
The system of parties and guilds really lets you know the fun of MMORPG. It’s not just about doing it alone, it’s about having fun with other people, it’s probably about training the wooh-wah-wah-wah-w.
(Looking at the 10th Episode 8 Make Love, Not Warcraft, Stan said, “Don’t just play games, do social life,” and Stan said, “This is social life!”)
Wow, half a year…
Because I have to work at the same time, I only have 1 to 2 hours of weekdays at the most, and I did a lot of them on Saturdays and days (even when I had an appointment), but these days, I had a drinking party or an appointment.And I didn’t get much access due to work day after day.It’s still not up to half a year for the average person who enjoys it,” he said. “In addition, it’s said to be a tutorial to get a response up to the bay.”Thanks to guildwon and my friend, I skipped this a lot and answered up.Bus. I had a party with a high-level dungeon player, and I had to learn by going around the high-difficulty dungeon and going up very quickly and easily, but skipping the story is a bad thing.
Especially, I think I understood a lot, but I still don’t understand many of the words that guild people use.Wow. There are a lot of people who don’t know what they know.
Maybe that’s why…Is it a side effect that was easily taken by bus?The dungeons that I’ve recently started.I’ve done a few things, and I’ve adapted.You’re this fast-moving at the full time of the day.I’m still a beginner.
He says he’s been there for half a year, but he doesn’t have much time to play.
But just looking at my character level and duration of play… …why is it still this level?
Guild member who kindly taught me when I was a beginner…Of course I’m a beginner.I know, but I’m not supposed to be a beginner anymore.I’m still like this.
(Frankly speaking, my friend was worse when I was a beginner. “What are you doing?” “Oh, fuck,” “Oh, fuck” and “Oh, fuck” and so on, and I didn’t even know why you heard that.)
I thought there was a lot to learn and I learned a lot…But there’s still a lot I don’t know.
Yesterday, I went around the daily hero’s den…I was the first place I went to called the Stone Hall.
As the party members approach the last boss attack, they say to me, “Sweetheart, turn on your ass.” (I’m a hunter.)
It was a new word.
“What is your own?” (The attack has already begun.)
“No, if you tell me you don’t know him…”
It was the point of the attack, so I just attacked it and cleared it.
I searched the Explorer immediately for what the Jagger was.
Jagger is one of the characteristics of a hunter, and its function is natural resistance, so it is generally called jajja (Wow is often abbreviated in this way, which is one of the reasons why no beginners understand the conversation.
But the average hunter has never used a dragon dealer or a viper statue (sometimes a cheetah on the move) and never had a chance to write about it in the dungeon where I first went that day, so I don’t know.
I would’ve told you, “It’s a wild prize.” I wouldn’t have said that.I’ve seen him say he doesn’t know it, and I’ve seen him say, “Why didn’t you teach me this?” (I’ve been searching for the funny thing, and I’ve seen him swear that he didn’t know anything about the posting of a wouser blogger and I’ve thrown it.)I don’t know if it’s basic or not. Oh, I didn’t know it since I was born, but it’s my first time, so new.Teach them and lead them… …even if they wanted to protest.
Well, wow started in 2005.That’s how old it is.So there’s less new user inflow and more play by existing users… (So, the first MMORPG goes to ION and so on.)
I’m one of the rare new users.It’s just a player who doesn’t have access to it often because of his work life.
I mean, if you make any mistakes, you’ll hear the sound of “care” in the guild… and the pinnacle of “why”… (but they’re guilds, they’ll talk about it at this much like this…)My friend’s a fucking asshole.I think there are many walls and difficulties for Newbie like me because it is a very old game.
You can’t be treated so well even if you’re a man of skill because you can’t do it well… (If you’re this old, you’ll get much better results.)
Games are…MMORPG is…It’s a game we play while communicating with people.
Why are they so serious?If you’re a little short of it, you’ll get scolded as soon as possible.
Of course, there is a lot of kindness for beginners, but….This game is simply too big and complicated to teach you.If you ask someone who doesn’t even know what the pills are, “Take the pills with you when you go to the war.”
I need to know what the pills are and where they get them.That’s what?
The only reason I didn’t let you know later is because…
It was a fun game, but…I’ve been playing this game for half a year, but…(Actually, it’s time-consuming and addictive.)
More and more, I am skeptical that the existing players are up to par.
I can enjoy this game only when I pay 19800 won per month for my account.I’m trying to enjoy this game.
Unknowingly coming pressure and stress…
I have a question of continuing this.

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