World of Warcraft Counterattack – 4.2 Patch Attack Squadron Update

” World of Warcraft ” The World of Warcraft time-travel event, which started on December 12, 2019, will run 4.2 patches for a week until December 18. Dungeon of the Flame Zone, with the most reliable allies heading to the Dungeon of Fire, where the Spirit monarch, Ragnaros, and his followers, completes the mission. The Land of Fire is a region of fire that Titan created to house Ragnaros and his tenacious servants. After Deswing appeared in Azores, Ragnaros led his men over Mount Heijal, but brave guardians who guarded the sacred mountain drove the invaders away. Now, Ragnaros is preparing to call in a loyal servant to defend the land of fire from the heroes of Azores. Graphic Bartol Don’t be fooled by the modest appearance of the picture barthol. The ruins of the fortress extend deep into the twilight plateau. The city, once a fortress for Wild Hammer Dwaff and later a prison for detaining Alexandraja, is now in the hands of the dusk’s hammerhead pagan pagan. The heart of a rock The rock heart is located deep in the heartland, inside the temple of the earth. In this cave, the hammer of the twilight overlaid the body of Deswing with elmentium, and sealed his torn body with difficulty. When his body recovered, Deswing flew up to Azores, while the world’s pillars broke, leaving the heartland unstable. Tolvir’s Lost City Tolbir’s lost city is a fortress in Neferset Tolbir, which resembles a leopard. They pledged loyalty to Deswing instead of returning soft skin to stone-like skins under the treatment of physical curses. When the curse disappeared, Neferset rebelled against the benefactor. However, they are still twisted and aggressive by the promise of darkness. Vortex pavilion The vortex pavilion is located inside the walls of heaven, the Spirit of Korea. On top of the platform leading to the vortex of pure air stands an elegant building covered with gold and bronze. But behind the beautiful exterior stands the ruthless Spirits of Alaskir, the monarch of the wind, and the Neferset Tolvir. As long as the heavenly walls and the boundary of Azores are broken, weeping will not escape from the fear that comes down from heaven. The prince of the waves The throne of the waves sits deep in the abyss. Neptulone, a sea hunter who is the great Spirit monarch, has long been looking at and protecting water sites here. Now he has a huge ordeal. The scaly-scaled Nagas and the wicked faceless men came and invaded Neptulone from the throne. They will bring him down and take away his land and the secrets contained in it. The end of time Among the countless fractured roads, this path depicts a bleak future when it failed to stop Deswing. Nosedormu found that there was a huge phenomenon on the road at this time, and that it was blocking access to the past. As long as it is there, you cannot get hold of the dragon’s soul. Among the illusions of warped time, a powerful being lives alone beyond the passage of time. Riggers and items can be adjusted to meet the risk in front of the eyes, which can lower the level, but the trophies from the leader are provided to the right level. In time travel dungeons, you can get items that can be acquired at a typical hero’s level of difficulty with a certain amount of probability, and you can also gain the reputation of the camp associated with the dungeon. Time travel to the rock heart and you can get a glass rock biryong reins ride from the stone porridge. ​▼ Event ▼ Zultazar’s recorder, Shupa, and Borallus’s recorder Tupa have prepared the quest. You can also start the quest in the Adventure Guide (Shift – “J”.) Quest requirements: 5 time travel dungeons must be completed. Rewards: Material power, one trophy box containing one piece of equipment flown from the Palace of Eternal Difficulty ▲ Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Time Trip, and I talked about the event in detail as the Land of Fire. We hope you will participate in this week’s event from December 12 to December 18 and receive a variety of rewards. Also, if you miss any events, patch notes, or updates, visit the official website of Blizzard World of Warcraft and explain them in great detail and at a glance, please check them out. Thank you for reading it. I hope you participate in this event. Thank you.

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