World of Warcraft Classic Day 1

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the login screen, and I couldn’t even think of doing the World of Warcraft because my computer was crumpled before, so I just watched people in PC rooms. I thought I’d start with a ligamentum in the Alliance, but I couldn’t stop it. Maybe a hunter. I decided to be a voodoo fighter because I thought it would be a hassle to feed bullets, arrows, and beasts. Video of local introductions in addition to friendly job introductions. It’s been a long time since I saw Durota in a long time. Today is around 4 p.m. on Wednesday weekday, but there are a lot of users who logged on. Of course, on the day of the opening, the dads were too busy with their annual trains, so they gave up on the day neatly and used the half difference they had for hospitals and medical checkups to access them at a smooth time. The battle of souls with wild boars It took me a long time to catch one of Skill’s heroes. Of course, it took longer to move than to catch. I think it took about 15 minutes to catch 10 wild boars who were hit by a troll fighter with a shot of 2 rp from a voodoo jumping hero. Unlike Bonsub, the same Hodgins doesn’t share the Quest mob, so if you think someone else will hit you, they will throw you a hero’s bat. I’ve got a pair of Gornek’s shoes that give me shoes or gloves for catching wild boars, so I’ve chosen gloves. World of Warcraft classic add-on and finally the quest on the map. But I didn’t know, but I couldn’t find the quest location when it was original. Kkkk, even where I went to complete, I didn’t get on the map, so I had a hard time and got an add-on. I’ve been used to the angry face of the old choral, and I’ve forgotten the original face of the rusty black spear. The next quest is to collect 10 cactus apples. Again, this was not shared, so we started taking other cactus apples at the same time, but when a female troll user picked the cactus apple first, a slightly angry white-headed tral user, I collected the cactus apples by turning a little outward, even if it took some time. Long-term hero voodoo warrior trawler who has to use a broad explosion to catch a worker scorpion. It was a bit frustrating. Bonsub’s wow skill makes it right out. The World of Warcraft Classic is a little bit… I’ll be out later. It’s like there’s a school in addition to a flat. I fell out of the cactus apple hunt, and I had to turn around and go up again. And the bottom of the trash demon gets interrupted in picking apples again. a soul-burning companion Not too long ago, I beat out King Richie, I beat Deswing, I beat Salas, I caught Yazsara, but here I’m fighting with a Level 4 evil warden. When I reached level 4, I went to learn shattering and stoning. Oh, yeah. It cost me a lot to learn. I sold all the items in my packed bag and learned how to shout, crush, and stampede. Personally, I think this was a better time for rush action than it is now. Now, I’m running for a long distance to catch the living scorpion king, Mr. Sarkozy. It’s already rush hour, and the number of users accessing the site increased one by one, and wild boars and worker-killer corpses began to climb the mountain. There are people who came here first, so I’m going to do it about the third time. I waited a little while because Sarkozy was slower than I thought. We had a party with an undead priest from the far eastern kingdom of Outland, and we caught him more quickly. I started with a friend, but the Druid user hasn’t arrived yet. It felt strange to meet undead in the valley of the test at the World of Warcraft Classic. After reaching the level of 4 and finishing with Sarkozy on the first day. I need to get in on this. The overall impression was very frustrating compared to Bonsub Wow. But strangely, it’s fun. In fact, users of the World of Warcraft Classic were uncomfortable, but it was also because of perfume, but strangely, this slow and stuffy system is fun. The rest of us should aim for the weekend to go to Calbawi Hill.

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