World of Warcraft: Warlords of Drenor (WoW, 2014)

The Warlord of Drenor was a work marked by novel attempts in many ways. The character’s modeling was completely revamped and the quest was really fun and exciting, so I remember that we had a lot of fun until we had a full-length album. In particular, I think the opening sequence of advancing to the Dreno language is still well made. Also, the player, who was a fighter, emerged as an important figure by becoming a commander from this time on, and I remember having so much fun in the feeling that I was a commander in command of the system with my own military base and that I was assigned a mission. How fun it was to go on a Drenor adventure with a cute pandaren sorcerer! However, I didn’t know well because I just took a picture of the full response, but the addition of the contents was very slow, and I got a lot of complaints from the users. Especially, I couldn’t even see the story of the childish praises starring Princess Helscream. Blizzard lost her ability and realized that her story was going to be ruined.

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