Applying the WoW World of Warcraft 6.2.2 Patch

The World of Warcraft. I applied 6.2.2 patch on September 3. With this, finally! You can fly in the Drenor area. This World of Warcraft. 6.2.2 Patch seems to know that, too! ★ Key patch content ★ 1. Flight in the Drenor Continent Flying at the attainment of Drenor Assistant (sharing accounts) 2. PVP mercenary mode Waiting time in the Aslan or Criticized Battleground. You can join the opposing camp as mercenaries when you are too long. 3. Attack Team and Dungeon – New Time Travel Compensation – Of all the time travel trophies, the leader who gives rare trophies Change so that items can be acquired even if processed during time travel – Fix the Bug of Hellfire Castle. – Drenor Warlord, complete the attack. From then on, 50 stations will be able to obtainable. five other things about PVP, quests, events and outdoor environments, Monsters and NPCs, collections, items, stations, across UI, achievements, ethnic characteristics, occupations, etc. Various improvements and new content have been added. World of Warcraft. 6.2.2 For more information on patches, see the You can check out the official homepage patch notes!!!

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