World of Warcraft, the footsteps of a priest…

I don’t remember exactly when I started World of Warcraft. I remember playing the human warrior character of Alliance camp at Rain Server during the 2004 Open Beta period with my friends, but it didn’t seem to last because I wasn’t very attracted to Wow’s CG design. Finally, friends did not come for long, and at that time Lineage 2 was already commercialized and in service, I started Lineage 2. I’ve been enjoying Lineage 2 for about eight years, and there’s been a break in the middle, but I don’t think there’s a game that I’ve played as long as Lineage 2. In fact, it was in the middle of the first expansion, the Burning Crusader. He was entangled by his friends and started raising Hill-oriented Priest classes. It would have been because healing characters would be helpful everywhere. Items that were hard-won while playing the priest until today are kept intact in the warehouse. As I looked at the bank warehouse at dawn, I suddenly wanted to take a screen shot. Kkkkk are items that many old ideas come to mind. < {Flame of Fire} Tier 4 : Hyunsin Set / Karazan+Grul’s Nest+Magtherion > < {Flaming temple} Tier 5: Hwasin set / Fortress of storm + Firecracker altar > < {Flaming Holy War} Tier Step 6: Exemption Set [Excluding Hearts] / Hazel Normal+Black Temple + Solar Spring Plateau > < Tier 7 / Naxramas + Akabon stone chamber > < Tier 8 / Ulde Ar+Acabon Stool (Emalon) > < Tier 9 / Test Site of the Crusades + Arcabone Stool (Coralon) > <Tier 10 / Ice Crown St. + Arcabone St. Because the 10th tier failed to target the Ice Crown fortress properly, only the head token was set to the second stage. As for me, it is very difficult to collect sentences. But if you keep on doing it, you’ll get everything right one day.

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