2019 Review of PC games I enjoyed. World of Warcraft

It’s a love game. You’re reading this, too, and Blizzard is a company that sometimes hates it like a scumbag, but still wants it to work out. Even if I pooped in DeGun, I cleaned and cleaned up well in the Corps. The game of poop 3 was also created again as a human game. Around this time of year, the month after tomorrow is December. Merry Christmas! Anyway, I’ve made a segment that organizes games I’ve played by reminding myself. The first posting was World of Warcraft. Both the fiercely fought Azores and the classic. Aeroth in a fierce battle X-Bagae dungame It can be compressed into these 5 characters. Xiname It can be compressed into these three letters. I’ve really loved Blizzard with a lot of fanfare. When Deswing’s shell was peeling off, while his friends were falling apart, the pandas were getting tired of him every day, and when it was so long that it was not fun to beat him, he was tempered in the Aslan and Reid stood firm in that repetitive routine. But I don’t want to turn on the Battlenet app in the center of my desktop when I think about the Aeroz. I ran really hard in the beginning. He shot 120 rps on the first day of the opening, played the game fast and ran hard from the first day of the Uldir Open. Sylvanas, when that crazy X started a war crime and turned Horde into a war criminal state, what was the point of the story? I thought I could have fun playing games, so I just worked hard. The problem was to force too much labor. As you all know, a one- or two-hour play isn’t a game that can do anything right. One wedge or two wedge in 1-2 hours. Every game does. In fact, there are few online games that can do anything right just for a couple of hours. Especially the genre of mmorpg. But I thought I’d try it because I was in Najata, but I thought I’d tie up my escapade here and force my dog out of the box and whether it’s an undersea template or something, because it works so well, so I have to do Nogada because it’s uploading. And I’m going to raise the level of Aeroth’s heart, and then I’m going to hit Nodada with the materialistic force. They need to look at the options they want, whether it’s an agro-gas device or something like this. In short, there are so many things to do. I should have simplified the item. As I simplified items, did many kinds, or simplified my start-up skills, and re-enacted the global cool time, the battle became less fun. It’s called Legion 2.0, but I think it’s degraded. You can’t find the various personalities of the object in the necklace. You have to eat the Aje armor with the options you want. You have to eat three parts of it. X-shoes. Although there was a slight difference in the specifications of the absence of the legendary equipment in the early stages compared to the last military division, the system was eventually fully equipped as long as the legendary equipment was steadily maintained in the middle, and various strategies were developed using the swap of the legendary equipment. That was fun for the Corps. Of course, the legion’s materialistic power was also a symbol of Nogada, but they didn’t think of getting rid of it or controlling it, and these X-shines upgraded it one more step to make it crappy. Story is a problem as it is, but the game itself is not fun If I evaluate out of five stars, I want to give you a half. I wish I could make the X-colored land well. The only thing that was interesting in the drama was the level-up.  

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