World of Warcraft Expansion Pack What Is Additional for Dark Land?

Hello friends and neighbors! World of Warcraft Expansion Pack: World of Warcraft: Word of Darkness is coming out! These days, Blizzard also appears to be at the Riot Games, trying very hard to update the 10th anniversary announcement. I think they are already planning to make a follow-up to various games such as Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. This time, the expansion pack will add an area called Boru in Seocheon. If you enter the fortress of Seocheon, you will see heavenly scenery, bright clear skies, sparkling spires, and heavenly landscapes that do not seem like the world. There are some people who live in the bastion of seongcheon where paradise is unique. They are called Kirians, and they serve as safe guards for the souls of the mortal to pass into the dark. They say we have to ally with Queen Banshee to resolve this mess that has been entangled by her evil plans. In the bastion of Seungcheon, you can see not only Kirian but also other beings. Cheonggyo, the manager of the underworld who was born under the spell of death, a deserter who could not finish his passage, a white captain of a robot legion that moves by using the command as a power, and a Hyeon-shin whose burden of Kirian’s past life was revealed in a physical form. Once the player reaches the highest level and completes his first four explorations, he says he can join them with a pledge of loyalty to the altar of holy medicine, such as the Cyrian. For each of the sacred tablets, the new hero’s talent, strength, and decorating rewards are provided. With the pledge, the player will be able to enter the place where only the players who have made the pledge can enter and exit the place. If you choose to enter the stage of the Cyrian Testament, you will have two unique capabilities. One is called the ability to work in combat, and the other is the ability to look at the unfamiliar world in a more special way. It is said that Kirian’s ability to give to the heroes who have made the covenant is the ability to free themselves. Liberation turns into a pure state of decree, speeding up movement, slowing down the fall and moving forward. It also greatly reduces enemy detection radius. So that’s where the World of Warcraft comes in the dark. Users expect a lot from the expansion pack. Blizzard, I hope that we can create a great game through competition from our users.

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