Can I buy a Hasston pack from World of Warcraft?

They’re looking into making the WoW Token be able to be used for other services as well as like Character Transfer, Function Change, or Balance.
With a Wow token, I am trying to find out if it can be used as a character move, a fashion change, or a battle coin.
The words are from the Q&A in Blizzcon 2066. For the Hasston user position, we will focus on Battle Coin.

Wow Token is like a new coupon from a Wow game. It’s $20 per token, and you can use it for 30 days. And what really changed is that not only do you buy time through the Battlenet store, but you can also collect your gold and buy 30 days of game time at the Aeration House.

If we go back to Blyscon 2016, there’s a possibility that we could change the Whutoken to Battle Coin. So, are we getting $20 worth of battle coins? Then, can we buy the Hasston pack at Battlenet store with 20 dollars worth of Battlecoin?
Will there be a way to buy gold nogada from Wow, buy the wautoken from Ament, and invest in the Hasston Pack?
So far, it hasn’t been applied, and I’ve guessed from Q&A, so be aware that it could be wrong, or it could not be bought.

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