World of Warcraft Everything Game!!

Back then, when Blizzard Entertainment announced the World of Warcraft, a massively MutiPlay Online Role-Play Game (MMORPG), I remember trying to play and beat Lineage with phone lines and the lowest-end computer before, and why did they just think about online games? Just before I started blogging some time ago, I saw a shot of […]

Create World of Warcraft Classic in advance.

World of Warcraft Classic. Hurry up. If you can’t, you’ll have to do it. The World of Warcraft Classic is an original version of Wow. The original version, which has memories of hitting and fighting on the field, preparing for the lads and making it difficult for me to clean up, also motivates me to […]

World of Warcraft, 7.3.0 Patch, Argus Shot

From the 7.3.0 patch of World of Warcraft, we’re going to invade the crumbling planet over there, the Argus. Argus is the home of the Drones. You can imagine Salas as the home of a group of fallen, warped, yellowish stars. Ilydan Stormlage used the Salaite clavicle to bring the Argus planet, which he doesn’t […]

Wow, back in 2006. World of Warcraft Classic

In the current World of Warcraft, Azores is embroiled in a fierce battle, but the World of Warcraft runs counter to time in August this year. Back to 2006! It is a return to before the cataclysm caused by the death-wing. Users will be able to explore the dungeon between the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor, […]

[Blizzard Ent] World of Warcraft Classic

105/100 Graphic: 20 BGM: 30 Story: 30 FUN: 25 The World of Warcraft version of Vanilla, which was released in 2004 and settled on MMORPG, is still a playable new game as of 2019. The game and atmosphere of the World of Warcraft, which built the gold tower in this field, is a great advantage, […]