Half a year since World of Warcraft

In early May, at the request of a friend, “Wow,” a game for the disabled first started after purchasing it on DVD at Famirimart. I usually only played casual online games like Cartrider and Tetris, but this complex, broad-scale MMORPG was the first… I learned a lot compared to starting alone in Handeok by learning […]

World of Warcraft : Burning Crusade

Finally, the World of Warcraft (WOW) is releasing an expansion pack. Originally, I had to enjoy the game since last Friday, but the game has been delayed and the open beta test has been difficult. The prevailing view is that it may be difficult to do this month. As a marketing strategy at Blizzard Korea, […]

World of Warcraft at the Battle of Roderon

Wow:Agrosse from the day of its launch (August 14, 2018) You can enjoy it for free for three days, so we recommend you access it now. Finally, the World of Warcraft (hereafter) fierce battle began. I think it is good news for wizards who have been waiting for expansion packs so far. The “War Crusade” […]

World of Warcraft Classic Day 1

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the login screen, and I couldn’t even think of doing the World of Warcraft because my computer was crumpled before, so I just watched people in PC rooms. I thought I’d start with a ligamentum in the Alliance, but I couldn’t stop it. Maybe a hunter. I […]

World of Warcraft Classic Beta

The World of Warcraft Classic beta test was conducted for one day from August 9. Perhaps, it was a test-tested classic server dedicated to Korea. It’s a beta, but I was very surprised to have so many people on it. Wow, it’s been over 60 years lately. The classical music has a capacity of about […]