World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Event – Dark Land Pre-purchase Compensation

The 15th anniversary event of the World of Warcraft is currently underway. Mr. Wazers, all the rest of you, come and get your ride.
I think it’s been over 10 years since I started to have a rainstorm.
The 15th anniversary will be a time-travel dungeon until January 9th in search of the attack zone, and when you finish the fiery temple, the fury of King Richie, and the catwalk, you will get rides and petals.

It’s a black-stone world-destroyer. It’s just going to be a Death
However, in order to participate, item level must be at least 380 so you can apply for the dungeon only after achieving the mandrel.
But these days, I’m getting 380 right, but I don’t want to do it anymore.

At the 15th anniversary event of the World of Warcraft, you can also get a little nefarian combat pet just by logging on.
If you like Waketmon, be sure to take it.
Other than that, if you achieve a simple feat in the old Altarak battlefield, the Alliance can get a ride on the Frostwolves in the Horde, but if you listen to the person who visited, I won’t go to work.
And then I bought the dark land in advance.

The dark-land dictionary purchase is divided into a package of heroes and myths, which consists of:
a hero’s package
– 120-level character boosts ready for pre-purchase
– Magic eternal red dragon ride and eternal traveler’s clothing transformation set
a package of myths
– All content contained in the hero’s pack
– Ryung Ji-ryong’s pet
– Spirit’s cold-weapon effect.
– The Return Stone of the Forever Traveler.
– Game 30 days.

Yes, of course I bought it as soon as it came out of the myth package.

First, we will ride the magic forever. I want to have this one, too, because it’s pretty and I don’t really want to ride it.

Wearing Blood Elves

The following is a permanent traveler’s clothing transformation set.
I think the likes and dislikes are quite different from each other, but I personally liked them very much.
It’s not just a gift, it’s a quest. I can’t find many quest items. The reason why I uploaded this later is because I finished the quest long after, so

And if you zoom in a little bit, it looks like this.
The Zandala trolls are wearing these unless they’re as dramatic as orcs and undeads.

The following is the cold weather of the spirit, the horseman of the weapon, which is the most visible and unique of the weapon magic grant features to date.
But if you use a buggy or a skill, the horseman’s shape often disappears, and at some point it comes back.
I reported it because I didn’t know if it was a bug or something, but I haven’t heard back yet.

Dagger and Ajinos are not applicable to the weapons of relics obtained during the army corps, but there is a way to apply them.

I can’t see it well because it’s small, but I think Waketmon users will like it.

The seats for the eternal travelers are all the same, but they change their appearance. They are so addictive that they only use them.

The 15th anniversary of the World of Warcraft event is still a long way away, so take your time. I think it’s a must for those of you who are looking for a dictionary of dark land.

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